Episode 9 – Cry for Help

Previously on ‘Sugar Stories’: Joe and Jérémie’s housewarming party in their new apartment deteriorates into complete chaos following the sensational arrival of Noa, Joe’s half-brother. Noa’s meeting with Enzo (Noa’s ex) and now Tony’s boyfriend, quickly develops into a violent row between Tony and Noa, who makes no secret of his goal of “getting back with” Enzo. Not satisfied with merely messing things up between Enzo and Tony, Noa then directs his spite and venom against Joe and his new boyfriend, Farid, to whom he reveals Joe’s civil partnership with Jérémie; Farid doesn’t wait around for Joe’s belated explanations, and walks out of the party. The evening thus turns decidedly sour, with Joe ending up in tears. Meanwhile, Henri finally arrives at Didier’s place, to find the latter stretched out on the floor, in a very drunken state. Since his father’s death, Didier has been in a sorry state; Henri and Didier patch things up, and the reader learns that Didier had been raped by his father some years earlier. Henri strongly encourages Didier to see a therapist, and goes as far as recommending a particular person to him. Didier promises to begin his therapy very quickly. 

Translation courtesy of Kieran Matthew O’Driscoll.