Eric DurantEric Durant

Age: 23

He is young, he is cute. He was lucky to grow up in a friendly family with loving parents who accepted him before he even came out. Until now he has never been let down and he can always count on his friends. He is a student in the prestigious Political Studies Institute and in love with Didier for a couple of months now…

But events will force Little Prince to grow up. How will he handle it?

Didier DuvalDidier Duval

Age: 31

The computers have always allowed him to live in a virtual world where problems stay virtual as well, but reality ends up catching up with him. Didier may be a computer specialist and technical expert, but he has a problem with his sexuality; he’s trying to keep it “down low” and does not feel capable of withstanding anyone’s slightest doubt. But inside he knows he likes men, and he likes the gay ones; their way of life, their style, their manners. Such a contradiction in his mind will deceive him.

Didier, you think you’re smart but have you thought about what happens if your plans backfire?

Henri NweleHenri Nwele

Age: 27

He works as a bartender, he loves to party and never turns down the opportunity to have it off. Does he even have a heart? The group’s Slut-in-chief used to have dreams for a far greater future though. Yet Henri is a talented barman, works in the best clubs of the Parisian Village, le Marais. He is endowed with remarkable charm and… very fast! In less than five minutes he can realize the L.S.P.: Lock – Sugarize – Pack.

He might seem devilish but like the Yin and the Yang, he has good sides.

Tony NdiayeTony Ndiaye

Age: 25

When you see him walking in the street you feel like you want to give him a free hug. He is a very nice person with a good aura that tends to favorably impress everyone around. He is calm, confident, rational, responsible, fair and passionate about art and litterature. He is also the best friend for many because he is always available to listen and advise.

A shame no one listens to him…

Jérémie CollinsJérémie Collins

25 ans

The group’s hunk, and so self confident. His parents are artists, mum is a singer, dad a musician who play New Orleans jazz. He has no problem with his sexuality but oberves one strict rule: “live your life the way you want until you reach mum and dad’s door”. But when out he does it the big way – VIP in the most chic Parisian clubs with the beautiful and famous.

Built on such a weak foundation, will his self-confidence last forever?

Steph BoyauSteph Boyau

Age: 20

A virtual friend… his whole world is in his pocket, or more accurately, on his iPhone. He hangs with Joe who he met on… a web chatroom. Joe makes fun of him, thinking that with all his virtuality Steph is still physically virgin and most of all unable to have a real relationship.

Couldn’t Steph’s apparent innocence end up being a burden?

Joe Kowan

Age: 24

He learned a lot a South-African who arrived in France long time ago. He’s been from one small job to another just to pay his studies in a stylist school and a small apartment in Paris. He was born for fashion and does not let anyone stop him from following his goal. His androgynous style might be foolishly interpreted as a sign of weakness but beware! The sarcasm is always ready to hit you dead in your face if you mess with Joe.

When you get past the obvious, you see a nice and loving person. Can anyone see past the obvious though?

Kimo Evrard

Kimo Evrard

Age: 25

Jérémie’s close friend, Kimo Evrard is a simple and modest young man. He is quite reserved, and few people could name at least one of his weaknesses – except maybe for his touchiness. He is also very discreet and does not open up easily; rare are those who have access to his secret garden. All we know about him is that he loves music… and recently he has also had feelings for Henri Nwele. To be followed…

Arnaud Vidal Arnaud Vidal

Age: 26

Playful and lighthearted, Arnaud Vidal is proud of his Spanish family background. This journalist has it all: the mummy’s perfect little boy – he looks as though butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth… Big mistake! Blackmailer and a real bitch, Arnaud would sell his grandmother to get what he wants.

Betrayal, duplicity, lie nor perfidy would stop him – but how long will he be able to bear the consequences of his acts?

Cyril DolorCyril Dolor

Age: 23

Cyril or Yonick? This young man can heartlessly play with his identity to deceive and manipulate people around him. He wears fancy clothes with style and elegance but his eyes can sometimes show his real nature; who is he really? And what does he want? At least we know the answer to the last question: his goal is to mercilessly ruin the lives of Joe, Jeremie, Henri, Didier and the other “Sugars.” But why? There is one thing we know for sure: this double-sided character will make sparks fly…