Sugar Stories is fictional work that gives us insight into the private lives, habits, drama, and pleasures of a group of young men from Paris. What makes them so special? They are gay; some of them accept their sexual orientation, and live their lifestyle openly, while others stay on the “down low”. But all their lives are affected, even occasionally disrupted, by being gay.

This photo-story isn’t a piece of gay activism; but the characters are yearning for simple and uneventful lives while their sexual orientation, and its relevance in society, does factor prominently into their journey. Being gay isn’t a choice, but whether or not making peace with this facet of life can be one. The family and loved ones of gay people find themselves having to decide to choose acceptance as well, which often is more difficult than it is for the people who they love. The stories that you’ll see regularly in this space sometimes will be inspired by real events, and sometimes will be works of pure fiction. But we hope to show how today’s young gay people are dealing with this conflict. Some people come out on top of their conflict, some others deal with their issues less successfully, and still others build up walls around them made from epicurean excess to avoid the demons of an old-fashioned society. But do not fear – our episodes are meant to be good-natured and delightful, like a piece of sugar that you would add to a cup of coffee to tame down the bitterness.

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The stories and characters of Sugar Stories are only fictitious and any resemblance to events or actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Sugar Stories is adapted from the original idea of Kévin, Damian Cham and Jan.

Photography and post-production : Jan.C Photography