Episode 5 – Cryptic Connections

Previously on “Sugar Stories”: Tony confides in Didier about his doubts regarding Enzo, the reason being that Tony has just discovered a weapon while rummaging through Enzo’s belongings. For his part, Didier plays down this incident, and ends up admitting that, in his own relationship, all in the garden is not rosy either – Didier is beginning to find Eric’s behaviour increasingly strange. Tony and Didier thus decide to pay a surprise visit to the hotel where Eric works. But things don’t go as planned: before they arrive at their destination, Didier gets a call from his brother to tell him that their father has died.
Meanwhile, Henri drops by Steph’s place, where he discovers, as he happens to come across one of his poems by chance, that his friend is HIV-positive.
At the same time, Joe is preparing to welcome a “fuck buddy”, Farid, to his place for a spot of bumming. However, their lovemaking is rudely interrupted by Noa, who bursts into the bedroom, and takes a photo of the lovers.


Translation courtesy of Kieran Matthew O’Driscoll.