Episode 8 – African Storm (Part 2)

Previously on ‘Sugar Stories’: The housewarming party is in full swing at Joe and Jérémie’s place. Almost all of the group of friends are present at this party, and for some of them, this evening is an opportunity for them to get to know each other. During a conversation with Jérémie, Henri finds out about the death of Didier’s father – Didier is, of course, absent from this party. Henri realizes that he has been unfair to his friend, and decides to leave immediately to try to speak to him. At the same time, Noa, who is Joe’s half-brother, returns home earlier than expected, and catches the group of friends enjoying this party to which he hadn’t been invited.  But there is a further surprise awaiting Noa: he recognizes Tony’s boyfriend, Enzo, who is none other than his ex. It is at this point that Noa flies into a rage and lets rip. 

Translation courtesy of Kieran Matthew O’Driscoll.