Episode 10 – Of Letters and Men

Previously on ‘Sugar Stories’: As he happens to be strolling along, Henri meets, by chance, a guy called Mathieu, who declares himself to be an ex-boyfriend of Max,  who is also the former boyfriend of Henri, and with whom Henri now seems to be becoming involved in a new relationship. Mathieu warns Henri off Max, but Henri refuses to believe him and goes on his way, feeling upset. He phones Max and asks to see him. In the meantime, Eric is with a client, but things start to go badly wrong. Eric is almost raped, but Helena bursts into the room just in time to prevent an assault, and sends the loutish client packing. However, she takes advantage of this situation in order to try to convince Eric, once again, that he should join an escort network. Eric, still in shock, categorically refuses, and swears that he will never again get involved in any more paid sexual encounters. 

Translation courtesy of Kieran Matthew O’Driscoll.