Episode 13 – A Little Friendly Advice

Previously on ‘Sugar Stories’: Max calls to see Henri again at his home, after attending a job interview, because Henri has convinced him to leave his job and look for another, higher-status, more responsible one. But just as they are discussing this, a telephone call is made, which puts a damper on Max’s enthusiastic hopes: his application has not been successful on this occasion. Nevertheless, Henri thanks a contact of his, with whom Max has had his job interview. In the meantime, Noa is still staying at Joe and Jérémie’s place. In yet another of his endless series of rows with Jérémie, Noa asks him to open his eyes: according to Noa, Joe is in love with his flatmate. At the same time, we meet once again with the escort client who had tried to rape Eric in Episode 9 – we now learn that it was all a stunt deliberately mounted by Helena, who is trying to put the frighteners on Eric so that he will agree to join a prostitution ring. Now read on… 

Translation courtesy of Kieran Matthew O’Driscoll

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  1. Any episode of Sugar Stories that features the unbelievably drop-dead gorgeous Mike Fedee in a black leather jacket is a GOOOOD episode!!!