Episode 6 – Déjà vu

In the previous episodes: After an argument between the two lovers, Didier cheats on Eric and sleeps with Henri, a friend. Jérémie, the group’s hunk, is seen coming out of a gay bar by a neighbor, Arnaud. Jérémie is afraid Arnaud will tell Jérémie’s parents about their son’s homosexuality so he asks Tony if he could host him. In the meanwhile, Henri bumps into one of his exes in a café which triggers off Henri’s anger; the past wounds haven not quite healed yet. He goes for a hookup to try to forget. On his way back home he stumbles on Tony who is gloomy after an unsuccessful attempt to seduce a stranger in a bookstore. While Joe and Eric make fun of Steph and his supposed virginity, their friend goes into action with Yonick, a stranger met on the net.

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Next episode: Thursday March 10