Episode 9 – Happy Birthdays!

In the previous episodes: After an argument between the two lovers, Didier cheats on his boyfriend Eric and sleeps with Henri, an old-time friend. Jérémie, the group’s hunk, is seen coming out of a gay bar by a neighbor, Arnaud. Jérémie is afraid Arnaud will tell Jérémie’s parents about their son’s homosexuality so he asks Tony if he could host him for a while before things settle down. In the meanwhile, Henri bumps into one of his exes in a café which triggers off Henri’s anger; the past wounds haven not quite healed yet. He goes for a hookup to try to forget. On his way back home he stumbles on Tony who is gloomy after an unsuccessful attempt to seduce a stranger in a bookstore.

While Joe and Eric make fun of Steph and his supposed virginity, their friend actually goes into action with Yonick, a stranger met on the net. A couple of days later, Steph borrows Joe’s apartment to arrange a better date with Yonick; while leaving, Joe bumps into Yonick which seems to spur some remote memories of a long ago sex party but without details. In parallel, Didier asks Eric to move in and start a new life as a couple ; Eric calls Tony to share the good news. Joe asks Didier for help with his application to become a legal immigrant. While they meet Didier tells Joe about his extra-marital affair with Henri who both know as a friend.

On New Year’s Eve, Joe and Arnaud meet at Henri’s and secrets are revealed: Joe is an illegal immigrant and Henri slept with Didier. For his part, Jérémie doesn’t feel like partying – he is writing a letter to his parents to come out of the closet. However he is interrupted by his sister, Jade, who learns his secret.

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Next episode: Thursday April 21st