Episode 14 – Hidden Side

In the previous episodes: After an argument between the two lovers, Didier cheats on his boyfriend Eric and sleeps with Henri, an old-time friend. Jérémie, the group’s hunk, is seen coming out of a gay bar by a neighbor, Arnaud. Jérémie is afraid Arnaud will tell Jérémie’s parents about their son’s homosexuality.

While Joe and Eric make fun of Steph and his supposed virginity, their friend actually goes into action with Yonick, a stranger met on the net. A couple of days later, Steph borrows Joe’s apartment to arrange a better date with Yonick; while leaving, Joe bumps into Yonick which seems to spur some remote memories of a long ago sex party but without details. In parallel, Didier asks Eric to move in and start a new life as a couple ; Eric calls Tony to share the good news. Joe asks Didier for help with his application to become a legal immigrant. While they meet Didier tells Joe about his extra-marital affair with Henri who both know as a friend.

On New Year’s Eve, Joe and Arnaud meet at Henri’s and secrets are revealed: Joe is an illegal immigrant and Henri slept with Didier. For his part, Jérémie doesn’t feel like partying – he is back at his parents’, writing them a letter to come out of the closet. However he is interrupted by his sister, Jade, who learns his secret.

A couple of weeks later it’s Eric’s birthday. He turns down Tony’s invitation to a party at Tony’s and instead reserves the night with Didier who prepares a surprise for him. But things don’t evolve the way Eric imagined: between the champagne and the birthday cake he discovers a text message on Didier’s phone and understands Didier and Henri had sex together. Instead of explanations he gets an angry response from Didier and decides to leave Didier’s place immediately. He wanders around in the night. At the same moment, Tony is about to spend the night alone when Henri comes to his place with  a group of friends… the surprise “100 % Biatch” party can start. At the party, Henri meets Kimo while Jérémie has the surprise to find Arnaud, his neighbor, among the late guests. Arnaud wants to blackmail him – if Jérémie pays Arnaud won’t tell Jérémie’s parents their son is gay. After the party, Arnaud meets with a stranger in the street who gives Arnaud a little bag with white powder.

After the party, Henri and Kimo are together when Henri gets a call from Didier who is angry because of the text message Henri sent earlier. However, Henri denies everything: he didn’t send and text messages. But Didier doesn’t believe him and decides to break their friendship.

When Mimi, Steph’s best friend meets Steph and his friend to introduce her boyfriend, Cyril, Steph discovers that Cyril is in fact Yonick, the guy who Steph has been dating for some time. He leaves the place, shocked, followed by Didi and Joe who both seem to recognize Cyril but their memories are still fuzzy.

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